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Volunteer a bit of time for a HUGE value!
Volunteering is such a joy!
When I was picking up trash off the streets
one year after Hurricane Katrina it didn't
always seem like a joy, but when the people
came out of their houses to shake your hand
and thank you for remembering them, it
suddenly became all worth it.
Picking up trash was simple, mindless even,
but it meant something to someone.
Talk to some of the people who volunteer
year after year at our live events and they will
tell you that it was a special experience and
a wonderful opportunity to meet amazing people.
No matter where you volunteer, you can learn
some powerful lessons and gain some great skills.
So why am I telling YOU what you already know?
Because I have a couple unique opportunities
for you to volunteer and get some great value for
just a little bit of your time.
Two things coming up soon that you might want
to be a part of:
First, I can use a few great volunteers for the
Impact Event in San Diego.
Volunteers get a zero cost ticket to the event and
help during the event with tasks like making sure
that the speaker has everything they need to
present a powerful presentation.
Volunteers pass out materials, register attendees,
collect orders and handle audio visual duties, but
you don't have to have a specific skill set to be
There's one EARLY meeting on Friday morning
and after that life is not so hard.
If YOU want to be a volunteer for Impact San Diego
here's what you need to do:
Register at:
Use coupon code: VOLUNTEER
That will bypass the payment page and register
you as a volunteer.
Then all you need to do is show up at the event
location an hour before registration starts.  That's
when we train the volunteers and show you the ropes.
At jvAlert Live Orlando, I shared exciting news 
about the new start-up in a special NDA session
with the attendees.
When we launch our ALPHA version we need
some testers who can keep their urge to go tell
everyone about this project under tight control.
If you've ever been a beta tester, you know that
ANYTHING can go wrong, NOTHING works perfectly
and EVERYTHING changes daily.
If you are one of those people who likes to get up
every morning with everything the same, no changes
and everything works, then an ALPHA testing
experience is not for you.
But ...
If you love living on the BLEEDING edge, can give
CONSTRUCTIVE feedback and have lots of
PATIENCE, with a great sense of ADVENTURE,
this might be perfect for you.
Think of all of the books that have been written
on Twitter, Facebook, Google by beta users.
Think of all of the products that have been
developed by early adopters of new cutting-edge
When you are in on the very start of something
new, fast moving and exciting, it can be a wonderful
experience of a lifetime.
We aren't quite ready to open the ALPHA, but we
will be soon.
If you want to take part as an ALPHA user of our
new start-up then you need to sign-up for the
notification list here:
This list is ONLY to notify ALPHA members when
when we start opening the doors.
At the start, you won't be able to tell anyone else
about the system or invite anyone else into it.
Then we will launch in stages and you as an ALPHA
member will be given a few invitations that you can
send out.
If you can keep things quiet until we launch, I'd be
thrilled to have you as an ALPHA member of my
pride and joy project.

The event hotel for Impact San Diego has now
released our block and the hotel is pretty much
sold out completely. (Apparently, they have a
few upgraded rooms still available, but not at our
low rates.)
Anyway, I have five rooms left that I reserved for
If you want to stay at the event hotel -- and you should! --
call or e-mail Victoria Hartwell directly to use one of the
rooms that I am holding. 

Victoria Hartwell
Convention Service Manager
Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa
Phone:858 539-8716
Fax: 858 488-0901
Email: vhartwell@catamaranresort.com

She can give you the group rate.

Do it now though, I already gave away 2.
After those five go ... unless someone releases a
reservation you're most likely out of luck.
This is an INCREDIBLE event.
It only costs $97 for the entire 3-day event.
Second, it's invitation only with incredible people
coming.  The networking alone will be  priceless.
World-Class Speakers!
By the way ...
(if you want to be my personal guest, use the
secret code: GUEST)
Then just mark in the comments that you are
coming as my personal guest.
I'm going to be announcing a special lunch series for
Impact San Diego.
And I'm asking sponsors to buy your first meal!
If YOU or your company want to be a lunch sponsor
it's simple and inexpensive.
For only $500 you can be an official lunch sponsor.
If you can come to San Diego, you can do a short
presentation to the attendees about your products and
services, but even if you can't be there in person you
CAN get your company out in front of all the top-level
marketers who are attending the event.
It's a great way to connect with them in a really positive
After all you are buying them lunch!

Plus . I'm emailing ALL of my lists about this which means
it will go out to over 50,000 subscribers to my membership
sites and newsletters.

So if you are interested in being a lunch sponsor, just let
me know QUICKLY.

And if you can send someone to represent you at the event,
just let me know that quickly too.
Thanks for your help!
All the best,

Ken McArthur

and more, more, more


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