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Overcoming Life's Challenges

Sadly, extreme X-Games skier C.R. Johnson died February 24, 2010 while skiing down Squaw Valley's expert-only Light Towers area, after hitting an exposed rock with his skis, then tumbling and hitting his head on another rock.

Collegues and fans alike saw him, and will remember him, as both one of the best skiers in the world and an inspiring hero, for recovering from traumatic brain injury suffered in an earlier skiing accident, with hard work and determination, to once again become a world-class skier.

In the video below, he talked about how his 2005 accident shaped his views on life, and the sport he loved.

What are you willing to do to overcome the challenges in your life, the obstacles to your success? I invite you to commit to doing whatever it takes, one step at a time, even if only a small step because one day, you'll be very glad you did.

I look forward to networking with you and getting to know you.

Until we meet again...be thankful, be passionate, have fun and help make the world a better place by smiling, encouraging, inspiring and paying it forward.

To your success! Have a great day!

A true friend and world family relative,
Brent Ashworth
A Not-For-Profit Entrepreneur Passionately
Living & Working for a Better World
in Santa Rosa, California
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