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Scrambled Eggs and Advertising brings You The bacon.
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Scrambled Eggs and Advertising brings You The bacon.

What do scrambled eggs and advertising have
in common?

Read on I am going to show you.

You gotta see this
It just launched.


Short email. Timing is critical. Get in now.

10 Dollar Adz is an advertising site
And yes you can get in for ten dollars
And you get ads up about any site you like

* Standard links
* Banner Ads
* Featured links
* Featured Banner Ads
* Featured Ads
* Solo Ads (coming soon)

It is also a cycler but with an incredible
twist that I love

For the first 30 days while the site is
building, it is a straight line cycler
and what I love is you can watch the cycle
happen right in front of your eyes

You can see who is on top and as soon as
three people come in that person at the
top cycles and they get paid 10.00 plus
they get a free entry into the cycler

But...After the first 30 days, every 14
days, the positions will be scrambled
and anyone can end up on top and their
will be multiply lines working at one time

That's a hoot
Never saw anything quite like it

It's fast, It's easy. It's fun and best
of all you can get your banners and other
kinds of ads seen in a heatbeat

Now it the time to get in on this.

You can all do this

Get in now, buy as many positions
as you can afford so you cycle fast
and often

It's scambled eggs mixed with advertising
and it will let you bring home the bacon

Go get Um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you buy ten ad packs or more you get
300,000 sokens with the deal. See the front page
of the site. I bought 20 packs immediately
to help everyone cycle as fast as possible
I will buy more over the first 30 days and
then hope I can scramble you all.

Go on this one



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