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A simple PHP re-direct
A simple PHP re-direct

header( 'Location: http://www.YOURdomain/YOURpage' ) ;

- Edit the code between the Hash Marks with your own information
- Save into a Text file.
- Rename to YOURfilename.php

(http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download is a link to Notepad++ with which you will be able to edit the PHP file directly as the default windows text editor will not be able to)

Then create a folder on your server, for example REDIRECT.

When you resolve this link http://www.YOURdomain/REDIRECT/ it will resolve at the location specified in the PHP file.

Most PHP cloaking scripts work on the same principle with all sorts of other tricky programming stuff I do not understand.

However, this simple redirect technique will enable you to send visitors directly to pages or files of your choice without the need for a cumbersome URL

I hope you will find this useful and thanks for taking the time to visit my Sokwall  :)


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