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10 Dollar Adz Has Launched!

Join This Fast Moving Ad Revenue Sharing Plan and Catch The Wave.

Can you take the excitement?

The first 30 days will find the line growing straight down but then after that the line will NEVER be the same.

It will take on a life of its own as it scrambles to give everyone a chance to be at or near the top of the line.

Scrambles will then happen every 14 days.

Watch as the excitement grows when it approaches scramble time as members rush to purchase additional ad packages in order to gain positions throughout the line and create a cycle frenzy.

Stay tuned to our forum for all the news and dates on our exciting scrambles and all the up and coming fun we have planned for all of the members. This forum will be for you, the members. We have BIG plans for you can't wait to meet you there!

When YOUR positions cycle in the line you receive $10 and a NEW position is automatically placed back in for you at the bottom of the line. All hands free. Automatic free re-entry.

Now if all that isn't exciting enough Admin helps in more ways than one. When ADMIN purchases ad packages they also reenter when they cycle but that's not all-- ADMIN spot earnings go back into the line also. We will add ADMIN spot earnings on a daily basis to help move everyone in the line.

Now with that said let me go into a bit more of detail on the ADMIN positions:

We have started with 5 admin purchases in the line they work exactly the same as your purchases but with a little twist.

When those ADMIN positions cycle they automatically have a free re-entry BUT when YOU have the choice of purchasing more ad packages with your earnings or withdrawing the ADMIN positions DO NOT.

Each day depending on how many ADMIN positions cycle we put ALL the earnings back into the line. We take no profit from ADMIN positions cycling we put them back in to help each and everyone of you. Think about it 5 positions double to 10 to 20 to 40 to 80 ALL going back into the line for line growth over and over again.

Here is another way we have introduced a way to prevent that long line from keeping members from introducing us to others and prevent people from saying "OH MY That Line Is So Long I Will NEVER Cycle"

The fast action scrambler on the 10dollaradz site will have you guessing!

Last is not always last but could end up being first! You'll be glued to the

fast action as everyone scrambles to be in the top position!

This time may be you! Next time may be me!
Folks we have so many things we are working on to introduce you to in the very near future that we are sure you will have a very fun and exciting experience with us.

We are full of surprises and it will never be a dull moment.

This is just the beginning. As James Lawson says tell your people if they are looking at other programs to look no further we are feverishly working on a program where EVERYONE wins!

And as Robbie Bracco tells me day in and day out "WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!"






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