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Hump day? who came up with that anyway?
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...who knows, maybe it was some 'hornball' who just wanted to see if he (or she) could spark a little 'action taking' halfway through the week before the invention of nightclubs, bars and dating sites.


Anyway, don't want to rant on to long lol


So, happy Wednesday ;-)



As you know, I've been emailing you about http://affiliate.blogbeast.com/resources.php the Denver recordings pretty heavily (forgive my shameless bombardment of emails filled induce action taking - almost every time I

hit the the 'send' button....


....however, the reason I'm recommending you buy this training is because: I want to teach you how to IGNORE everything that that distracts you from making money in your biz....


 and FOCUS on only the things that will put digits on the left side of the decimal point in your bank account.


And there's two things (right now, anyway) that will do that better than anything else out there.  


1) Learning the MOST up-to-date information and training from the highest paid marketers online (many of whom happen to be top earners in EN)



2) Preparing for the "BEAST" that's about to launch in less than 30 days (yes, I'm talking about ENV2, but I'm going to refer to it as the "BEAST" from now on :)




Click that link, grab your copy, and I'll see you on the inside.



- Dave Sharpe


ps: In my training on Friday night in the Denver recordings I reveal my secret to writing copy that has helped bring in over $70-MILLION in sales in less than 2 years.




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