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Miley Cyrus TWERKING 2013 VMA’s W/ Juicy J!

Miley Cyrus TWERKING 2013 VMA’s W/ Juicy J!

by  | on September 24, 2013


Miley Cyrus TWERKING 2013 VMA’s W/ Juicy J!

Check Out this Video with Miley Cyrus TWERKING at the 2013 VMA’s

Has Miley Cyrus gone to far? Check out some of this article

Why is everyone so gung-ho about Miley Cyrus’ indecent VMA performance?
Of course it was distasteful, extremely inappropriate, gratuitously provocative and completely void of any artistic value; but it was also very well calculated, strategically crafted and concocted ahead of time to provoke the very exact controversy we’ve all been debating over post her sexually-charged performance.

Let’s keep in mind as well that we’re talking about the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), a live music show, that has gradually lost all of its “wow” quality factor since the M in MTV ceased to stand for “music,” and instead was replaced by “mediocrity.” Sadly, the VMAs, the Grammys and the rest of the Music Awards catalog are a brutal reflection of the current deplorable state of a music industry that has been dominated by a handful of talentless clowns pathetically and desperately competing for attention. With the exception of a rare few, artists today are privileging the culture of sensationalism and copycats to the detriment of artistic originality, creativity not to mention musicianship and craftsmanship. Real talent is a species in danger of extinction.

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