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Here is how you get your message in front of 1.4 million people today.
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Here is how you get your message in front of 1.4 million people today.



Sokule will Expose Your Business to the Masses...

- You can post your message to 80+ high traffic social media sites. 

- You can choose the sites you want to post to. 

- You can add an image to your post so it really stands out in the crowd. 

- You can post longer messages when you have something extra to say. 

- You can schedule up to 25 posts in advance. 

- You can use Sokwall to post article length messages. 

- You can edit your posts when you mistype a word. 

- You can send a personal welcome to everyone who tracks you. 

- You can direct squeek (message) all your trackers with one click. 

- You can use Sokens (credits) build your own list of trackers fast. 

- You can email your trackers every 3 days.





Sokule will Drive People to Your Websites... 

- He will ping the weblogs for you. 

- He will tell the search engines where to find your new post. 

- He will help generate traffic to your postit page or Sokwall page. 

- He will ping up to 33 different weblogs. 

- He will help you get trackers by driving people to your postit page.




Sokule will Help You Earn Money Online... 

- We'll pay you to tell others about Sokule. 

- When they upgrade, you'll get paid up to 50% commission 

- Sokule will help you establish your business presence online. 

- You get a very special page where you can sell your own stuff. 

- You can add clickable links to your favorite sites and social media sites. 

- You can add images ads or video ads to your special page.



           "You make the sales and Sokule will cut you a weekly check!"


Are you a Member of Sokule? Why Not? You have nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain.



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