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The Invention of the Selfy
VOLORD KINGDOM NEW by Walter Paul Bebirian
VOLORD KINGDOM NEW by Walter Paul Bebirian

While I do understand that from time to time there were people before and during the time that I created the image that you see above who did pictures and paintings of themselves - I do not believe that there has been anyone who has gone to such great lengths to pass out or distribute any such image and so in light of this and after being informed just this morning that I am being designated the inventor of the "Selfy" - I am happy to announce that in conjunction with the  great timing of this proclamation and in celebration of a rebirth for the work that I love to do - that my latest business cards with the above image on them will begin being distributed to the general public within a matter of hours - 


And in light of this fact I suggest that those individuals who do receive this card - please hold onto them since there are any number of fans of mine who are still with great joy holders of the very first original printing run of the first "Selfy" (read "Self Portrait") image that is included in the new images and I would hate for you to miss out on this rare opportunity to receive and hold onto something which holds such great value for such great lengths of time and that will be of use to  you as well as to any of your descendents for such a long time into the future!


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