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New SEO plugin

Hey ,

 in case you've somehow missed
all the commotion and weren't able to check
out the sneak peak video yesterday, you've
still got time.

=> http://www.seolinkbuildingpackages.net/seozen

And for the next 48 hours, you can get access
to my Exclusive BONUS Package ($305 value)... plus, get
SEO Zen at 62% off.  (see bonuses below)

There are 3 important tips that you need to know...

FACT #1 Google LOVES sites structured in silos right
now... especially when you have strong internal

FACT #2 Google LOVES relevant and unique content...

FACT #3  Google LOVES video... especially youtube

- And a 4th bonus fact - Google still loves
relevant, high PR links. Always has. Always

It's no fun to set this up though.  It's time consuming.
It's boring.  It's tedious...

until now.  :)

There's a new tool for Wordpress sites called "SEO Zen"
that will literally do everything above - and more - for you.
And completely on autopilot.  It can set up an SEO-ready site
with money making elements integrated into it, in under 2 minutes.

Enter in a few keywords, click a few buttons and
BOOM... everything is done for you. Sort of.  There's a
few more steps, but I think you get the picture... it's
crazy easy to set up.   Just sit back and watch the
SEO goodness happen.  hehe.  :)

Check it out here: hhttp://www.seolinkbuildingpackages.net/seozen

compliment the software.


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