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Sokule Sokule So What? So New?
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 Sokule Sokule So What? So New?

Hi [fname]

Sokule...So What

By now you have probably heard our, hot off
the press, Sokule theme song.

If not give a listen right here
Title Sokule...So What


By the end of next week, you will be able to
download the full stereo version of the song
and a ringtone.

Let's get everyone's phone singing Sokule!

Not yet a member of Sokule?

Join the revolution on the net right here


So New?

Posting sites

Sokule now posts to Twitter and facebook and
my space and 30 other social media sites with
just 1 click

1 post 1 click
You're done
Sokule does all the work for you.

Your message is seen round the world in a
nano second.

We are working on two new posting sites for you.

One is a small one but I am growing to love
it because it is built for business like
Sokule and you can do a lot of advertising
on it.

And, like Sokule, you can earn from it.

Get on this one today so you can add it to
Sokule when we are ready.


You can join it free or upgrade to earn
commissions. I became a partner right away
because this is a true business site meant
to get you access to the audience you need
and you can ea*rn six levels deep which is
pretty Kule.

And this is really Kule...

Coming at you at Sokule soon

Kule Wall

This will be a place where paid members posts
will appear on an additional posting page.

You will be able to get your message in front
our paying members-all of them- and depending
on your membership level you will be add to
add a post 1 2 or 3 times a day at Kule Wall

It pays to get your message out to people who
have taken a quid or two out of their pocket
and know what it means to run a business online

You will love this new posting place.

You will be able to purchase banner ads on
this posting page which will be a great
advertising vehicle for you.

Make sure you are a paying member of Sokule
so when Kule Wall hits the scene you can get
on it


You want to come in at the bronze plus membership
level or higher to take advantage of all our
current applications and those in development.

Auto welcoming your members
Posting longer messages
using Sokwall to post long articles and promos
Emailing your trackers every three days
editing your posts
Customizing of your postit page
Adding grahics and videos
Scheduling 25 squeeks in advance to post
when you want them too
More Sokens to offer your trackers
higher commissions

and so much more

Don't miss the one time offer when you sign up
to Sokule. It will give you our Silver membership
for a song and it is super value for your buck.

Sokule is a powerhouse of advertising

It is what puts me on most of the leader
boards on the net

It can do this for you too but you need to
use all of the tools we have developed for you

Sokule is a one stop advertising site for
your own business and we will never stop
adding more applications to get your message
in front of a wider and wider audience

Sokule is the post heard round the world.

Make sure you are making noise with him.


Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Next week Phil and I will be testing a
new site that is related to Sokule. We hope
to have it to you the week of March 22nd
Founding members of Sokule hang onto to your
hats. You are going to love this site and you
get it first before anyone else.

All our founders get early notice of any
new site that we launch.

It pays to be a founding member of Sokule.

Update on Founders

Only 38 are left at the discount price
Better grab one now

The price will go way up when these are gone.

Log into your members area and grab one of
the founding memberships or email me for more
information at







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