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(sotas) Lifetime Memberships Expire In 9 Days At The New BoB.

Hello Fellow Marketer,

We just rolled out the brand new custom script at
BucketsofBanners and WOW, is it a beauty.

One of the BoB members said it best and it echoes our own
thoughts about the new design....

"The new look of the back office for BoB is so user-friendly
and looks really awesome!" - Myra P

As with all State-Of-The-Art-Sites, we plan on adding several
engineering components over the next few months and years
and one of those will be a major addition.

However, Lifetime memberships are not going to be a part of
those additions. They expire in 9 days and will never offered

After the Lifetime memberships expire, the existing price on
monthly and annual memberships will be increased by 20

You can secure the low price now on the monthly and annual

Those who do that will be "grandfathered in" and won't pay the
higher price later on as long as they maintain their upgrade.

Now is the time to grab your lifetime membership. 61 have been
sold on a fire sale and the price goes up $5 with each sale.

Don't hesitate! Grab these offers now because there is more on
the way but not at these prices!



Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan


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