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Cashing In On Christmas...

Start Your Own 6-Figure Christmas Light Installation Business


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Installing Christmas lights is not exactly rocket science... so why in the world would anyone pay $2000 - $5000 to have Christmas lights hung?


First let’s get a few things straight. While it’s true that hanging Christmas lights is not especially difficult, it is extremely demanding in one aspect… Time.


Installing Christmas lights is a very time consuming process and time is the one thing that 90% of homeowners do not seem to have enough of.


So, they are not just paying for their lights, they are paying to simplify their life and free up more time.


Think about it…


Why do people hire house cleaners, lawn care providers, window cleaners?


The answer…


Because in today’s society with our fast paced lifestyles they don’t have enough time in their day to get everything done, so they look to outside service companies to handle the tasks that they don’t want to perform.




Happy Holidays,


Linda Huggins

Skype:  l.lhuggins


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