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A Fairy Story - just for you!

Hi there,

A long time ago (well not really, it just seems that way)
there was a very successful site on the 'net which had more than 20,000 active members.
Those members absolutely loved that site as it had a high click through rate and more importantly it got lots of sales for it's members!   It was a great site for advertising any other business you had!
Then one day, a disaster happened and the site disappeared from view, leaving a lot of disallusioned marketers wringing their hands in anguish and wondering how on earth they would cope without it.
Now they can disallusion no longer and stop wringing their hands for the news is out, the site is coming back but bigger and better than ever, but this time it will be an integral part of the 7k Team System.
If you were a member of that site and would like to recapture that magic or even if you were not a member but would like to share in the magic, then  all you have to do is join the 7k Team using this special link:-


That will allow you to try the system for 23 days (including the fantastic "Gold" membership with all it's privilages) for the princely sum of $1  That is not a "Fairy Tale" nor a misprint, but the best value for money anywhere on  the 'net today!
Once inside the 7k Team Site, you will instantly recognise the site I am talking about (which I am NOT allowed to mention) but which will allow you to accomplish your aims in a rapid fashion!
There is no time to waste as this site could go live at any moment, just make sure you are in there before the expected rush to join takes place and thus benefit to the maximum!

Here's that link again:- http://zapit.nu/Pun012
Wishing you Success,
Keith Darby
QuikAboutMe page:- http://zapit.nu/Pun018



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