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The Blog Beast from Empower Network Going Live Friday

The Blog Beast is an animal on steroids taking the laptop world into the
mobile platform ~ it’s all about making money from your phone.

Empower Network is going off the charts with this one in 2 days,
The Blog Beast will be live.  You’ll have such power from your
phone … sign up now to be in line with this coming soon on
October 11 (Friday)

empower networkThe Blogging platform will connect to a mobile app allowing you to release
on the go content from anywhere.  This essentially gives you tech-proof
abilities that anyone can do now.  Simple as sharing photos and videos at
the touch of a button from your phone.

The new blog beast is like nothing ever seen in the blogging world.  It’s viral
app will give blogging a new name and go down in marketing history.

EN has been working on this for almost 2 years and the one feature of being
able to share while on the go when the idea hits you or when things are
happening in real time is a game changer

cool feature with the Empower Network’s Blog Beast ..

you can now maintain multiple blogs across the internet
from Empower Network Blog Beast all with one touch.

empower network
logging will change forever with EN’s new release of the Blog Beast.
Wordpress has complicated the process of being able to blog
but the Blog Beast has simplified it and now your kids could do it.

empower network
his interface will be linked to facebook and posts will happen
for you on all your content.
Mobile Money Making Millionaire Shares
How To Avoid 17 of the Biggest Mistakes
Most Entrepreneurs are making.

Watch Empower Network Fire Your Laptop
Join the Mobile Money Revolution

This is good news for the blog beast and empower network
See the high rankings on Alexa.


We are a mobile world where phones capture everything
anywhere.   We are visual people.  We love videos and pictures
of life.  It’s a revolution that’s replacing those laptops

Do Texting
Answer Emails
Watch videos
Take pictures
Take Videos
Earn Money (mobile app)

. . . ALL FROM OUR iPHONE (smartphone)

So easy just to take your phone
do it anywhere with a phone

~ Turn on Your Beast Mode
~ Turn on the Power

Live the Vision
Be the Dream
Share It ( Empower Network)
Do It

Eagerly Waiting for the Launch  ~ Sign Up Now

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