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The Blog Beast is LIVE

The Blog Beast is LIVE

The Blog Beast from Empower Network is now LIVE …
you can get a glance at the power you’ll have without
ever logging into a computer.

It’s the easiest, simplest and most powerful way for you to get
YOUR message out on the Internet. (Blog Beast) To change
the way people think. To get more leads. To sell more product.
To change more lives. To impact the WORLD

Blog Beast

But, now we have the opportunity to LEAP forward: a new publishing
platform that will enable ANYONE — regardless of technical knowledge …


  •  Blogging/Mobile Platform

  •  to instantly publish content right from their mobile phone…

  •  Imagine shooting a video on your iPhone, pushing a button and
    pushing it straight  onto your website…..without ever having to fool
    with embed codes?

  •  Imagine snapping a picture and publishing it to your own domain
    name without ever  having to turn on your computer, uploading
    it via FTP, etc.

  •  Imagine being able to TALK into your phone’s microphone and
    see your dictated  article on your personal website in moments…
    all without having to fight with  Wordpress or know anything about
    H1, H2 and H3 tags.


Get Your Blog Beast Now . . . Click Here

The Beast Blog with EN is very powerful and it’s already ranked 603 in
the US from ALL websites.  Amazing stats here.  People love new
technology that makes our lives easier and blogging just went mobile .

This is ‘Granny Proof’ and believe me it’s a new day in the blogging
world for people to be able to create and post from their smartphones.

This Beast brings so many favors to your phone now. We all love
everything ‘Instant’ when it comes to technology.

Instantly Connect with the Online World
Instantly Communicate with Your People
Instantly Share
Instantly Comment
Instantly Publish Videos
Instantly Publish Pictures
Instantly Add Content
Instantly Earn … oh yes

See what I’m saying . . . Choose to Unleash Your Beast Today!

Blog Beast

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