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Easy on the pepper * New Today*
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Easy on the pepper * New Today*

* New Today* at Sokule

Sokule now posts to 33 Social Media sites
1 post- 1 click. And You're done

If you are not posting at Sokule, your
message is not getting heard round the world


Today we added a new posting site at Sokule

It's called apsense

You can join it now and add it to your
Social Media posting sites.

apsense has a lot of synergy with Sokule.

Like Sokule, it welcomes businesses on the net
and welcomes their postings.

Like Sokule you can upgrade and ea*rn commissions
from that upgrade.


Please do not post more then one or two times
a day from Sokule to apsense. This is not a place

where you can pepper ads on the site and still keep
your membership so, if you are posting frequently
on Sokule, please unselect apsense once you
have made one or two posts for the day.


The Salt and Pepper of Social Media Sites

Speaking of ad peppering. Do NOT Do It on
any Social Media site.

If you simply spend your time peppering people
with ads, they will ignore you, stop tracking
you,stop following you, delete you.

You will get known as a shouter and no one
I knows likes shouting:)

Social Media sites (all of them) are designed
to build a commmunity of people who are like
minded and interested in the content and
information you can offer them.

People do not appreciate being peppered with
ads anywhere-not in Social Media sites, not at
their email addresses- nowhere.

The time has come for you to learn a gentler,
more effective type of promotion.

I hear from many of you all the time that you
are not having any success on the net.

You need to look at how you are approaching
your marketing and re-evaluate what you have
been doing.

The reason Social Media sites are meeting with
such success on the net now, is because people
are tired of being bombarded with ads.

They want to learn from you.
They want to get to know you before they
buy from you.
They want your knowledge and your expertise
not your hype.
They want to be part of your social community
not part of your sales pitches.

If you are not prepared to take the time to
build a relationship with your list members
or your trackers at Sokule or your followers
at Twitter of your friends at facebook or
your group members at Swom, you are in the
wrong business.

Think of it this way.

You are having a dinner party.
You invite a lot of guests over for dinner

You cook up a dazzling looking stew complete
with mushrooms and carrots and shallots and
potatoes and a luscious wine.

You throw all the ingrediants into the pot
and then....

If you want to be a good cook, you season
your stew subtly. If you dump a lot of salt
and pepper into the stew your guests are
going to choke on it.

Invite them to dinner a second  time...

They won't show up.

Get the picture...

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: There are certain must have Social Media
sites on the net. Social Media sites are
quickly surplanting email as the way to
reach a targeted audience. Go for the ones
that pay you to be members.

These are the ones that offer you commissions
for bringing people to them who upgrade and
you should be on all of them

Sokule of course where you can make one post
and click one time and your message instantly
appears on Twitter, facebook, myspace and 30
other social media sites. We do the work for you.

Giblink-a three year old social media site
designed for business with a great multilevel
compensation plan


Swom-where you can from groups on your
specific topic of interest and get paid
on 4 levels


And new today apsense where you will hook up
with other marketers and business owners instantly
plus ea*rn commissions as an upgraded member
and get paid on 6 levels.




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