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[DB]Ready to enjoy outrageous success?

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you're
at the same place, doing the same thing as someone else
and after the fact … you both describe it … only to sound
like you were on totally different planets?


Like watching a movie ...

One person says, "It was the BEST movie - I can't wait to
see it again ..."

The other person says, "Oh my gosh, I could hardly stay
awake ... how stupid ... they couldn't PAY ME to see it

Yet BOTH people were at the exact same movie - sitting
right next to each other.

People essentially doing the same things, at the same
places, yet having totally different experiences.

Sometimes it's a matter of taste ...

You think sushi is exquisite ... I think it's disgusting.

But other times ... the times when it really matters … are
what I want to talk about.

Because I see it every single day ...

Some people are successful - everything they want just sort
of lines up for them and the Universe bends over backwards
to flood them with success, wealth, happiness, joy,
abundance ... all the good stuff.

While others ... given the same or BETTER opportunities …
pile on the problems. Nothing works. They're always sick,
unhappy and broke. Always complaining and asking the big
question, "WHY ME?!"


The truth is, we're all seeing the SAME MOVIE and eating
at the SAME RESTAURANTS ... yet we're experiencing
everything from total blissed-out success to excruciating
failure ... and everything in between.

I don't mean movies and restaurants literally, I'm talking
about LIFE.

I see it with wanna-be Entrepreneurs all the time.

In fact, I've categorized them into two types - the B2s and
the I2s.




The B2s BUY and BLAME.

These are the folks who buy everything ... from the cheap
ebooks to the high ticket coaching and events. Yet nothing
ever changes for them - except, of course, their bank
balance continues to shrink.

And they BLAME everyone - from their family who won't
support them ... to their job that sucks out all their time ... to
the person that sold them the course to begin with.


For them, it's ALL about the BLAME GAME.

Some call it "Blame-Storming" … it's like "brain
storming" gone bad.



Then there are the I2s.


These are the movers and shakers. They take responsibility
for themselves and their outcomes. They know what they
want and they're willing to take ACTION to get it.

They don't just randomly buy stuff - hoping to find the
"secret" to get-rich-quick. Nope. These people INVEST in
themselves and their future.

They IMPLEMENT what they've learned from the ebooks,
courses and seminars and they see RESULTS.

For them, it's all about getting their "PRIZE CLEAR" and
going after it. They get it!


I see B2s and I2s everywhere.

They're BOTH some of my best customers - in terms of
what they buy. But only the I2s get to enjoy the dinner
and movie.

Meaning, they're coming from a point of view (the right
mindset) that allows them to take the wisdom I share and
turn it into real wealth ... or whatever it is they're after.

In fact, just yesterday I heard from BOTH.


I had a raving testimony/success story from a customer who
was clearly an I2 and I heard a sob story from a B2. And the
sad thing is, the B2 actually had a much better "chance" to
make it big.

So how about you?

Are you a B2 or an I2?

Can you see how amazing your life could be if you became
an I2? Imagine how it would feel to suddenly have
everything working for you just the way you'd always
hoped and dreamed?

It's possible. Here's your chance ...

I'm running a secret experiment. You can learn more about
it soon.

I'm going to show you HOW to instantly become an I2 and
put yourself on the FAST TRACK to success.

In fact, I'm going to show you my entire system for raking
in more dough than a bread factory!

Don't wait. Spaces are EXTREMELY LIMITED and we
won't be offering any RECORDINGS for you to hear online.
So you've gotta be there!

Grab your spot now:


To Your Success

P.S. Do you know why 95% of everyone who tries to start a
business (or generate a little extra dough) FAILS?

Here's a better question - wanna know how you can be part
of the 5% who enjoy outrageous success?




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