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Been there, done that! Now its Empower Network for me!

The affiliate business is a tricky business as it has taken me three years to realize that I have been had by all and sundry. Before getting there, I quit my job as a sales trainer in one of the world's biggest banks for personal reasons and managed to garner a generous severance package of about $300,000. 00. At first, I thought this would be enough to sustain things, but I was so wrong. Lost the larger part of my savings chasing the rainbow.

Today after a million mistakes I came across the empower network, these guys defied every rule that I had been taught about making people successful. Yet the evidence was in eating the pudding and not talking about a great recipe that was year marked as a classic in the annals of business principles.

The guys behind empower network

David Wood and David Sharpe dress different, talk different and defy ever classic rule in books of instruction and imparting skills, atleast, so I thought. Until I began to go through their videos and then I realized that here was a company that had discovered the magic formula and were raking in the big bucks literally 'Empowering' the clueless folk like me.

Iam 44 years old and it hardly seems like the right time to be starting out something new, but then my wife Tanya has a kick in your face attitude, and she motivated me to embark on the newest challenge of my life. It feels great that both the Davids have managed to rekindle a bright spark in this classic corporate dinosaur. The power of positive suggestion has played its own part in suddenly garnering support to some of my ailing business ventures.

It gets even better as today, Iam finalizing the edits on my book 'The Ghost Inside You' which incidentally launches in the USA by the end of this Quarter.

Join Me On the Inside

The first step is always difficult but just like me its about 'KEY' positioning and stepping out of the comfort zone. I have learnt today that freedom from the shackles of stereotypical performance gets you nowhere and simply makes you part of a statistic in the art of astute failure.

The journey has just begun for me and there are a lot of bright sparks out there who would gladly join me on this bandwagon that defies the logical mindset.

Join Me On the Inside

Dominic Stanley is an author, writer and a sales trainer who has spent the better part of his life dabbling with the unknown phenomenon

->   http://www.empowernetwork.com/dominic5/

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