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Sokule Breaking News...

Sokule Breaking News...

Breaking news.

We have some super news for you at Sokule.


We have a fireworks show for you
Then do
Then Watch


Sokule now pings the web blogs and then redirects the ping right back to your Sokule postit page.

This is so niffty.

I am Gobsmacked about this.

And it is going to bring a heep of traffic to your site especially if you are using Sokwall to post on.

Okay so test her out right now.

Make a post on sokule.
Make sure you hit check the update button next to your post

After you post go to:


You will see the webblogs updating every second Dont' watch there. You will never catch your post in time:)

Go to the right hand box at the top that says download the lastest.

Put Sokule in the search at the top and find your post.

You can download the lastest 5 minutes which is what I do because I am fast.

If you are not so fast, download the lastest hour of posts and look for your post.

This is a big deal.

This is what the big boys to do get noticed on the net.

Ideally, you want to post on Sokwall to  get more bang for your buck here.

Sokwall lets you post a whole article which can be rich in content and keywords and is more likely to get the attention of the Search engines.

Do this today.

You are going flip when you see this  in action.

Sokule, The Gentle Giant, is working everyday for you.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc




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