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Affiliate Promotion: Promote eStoreOpoly & earn from 3 Income Streams

This is for affiliates in e-commerce, internet marketing, niche markets and similar. (post extract from the one on ProfitableStorytelling.com)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen lots of home study programs that have as much zest and panache as shredded wheat. So I got really excited when my friends and colleagues Ben Mack and Audrey Kerwood came up with eStoreOpoly and asked me to help find affiliates to promote it.

This is an image of the game board. This is so incredibly cool. I’ve never known anyone who invented a board game before!


People say I’m supposed to focus on how much money there is in promoting this product for affiliates rather than on the product – and there is – yet for me, one thing I love best about this promotion is the unique combination of game, self-paced study, ongoing tools and the live event. This is in my opinion the best affiliate programs for e-commerce because of the level of support and FUN.

And if your customers have kids…and I’m sure a lot of them do…can you imagine a better tool than a game that teaches how to grow a thriving e-commerce store and build upon that success to create more? It's certainly one of the best affiliate programs for budding entrepreneurs. Imagine the new breed of successful young entrepreneurs this game will help mold!

And YOU as an affiliate get to help make it happen and profit handsomely.

So you as an affiliate get to earn money in several ways, and your customers get the benefit of a fun and engaging game that’s like having an e-commerce consultant on hand anytime you have a question.

If you’re in a hurry for me to show you the money, visit the eStoreOpoly promo page I’ve set up. You’ll see a link to the full info, a PDF with details, and of course a link to sign up as an affiliate. —> Bind out about the eStoreOpoly affiliate promotion opportunity now!.

You can get a video introduction to the game here featuring co-creators Audrey Kerwood and Dr. Ben MAck here. It’s a good video – and I want to show you people actually playing the game, so that’s what comes next.

Some folks at a MeetUp had the opportunity to play eStoreOpoly recently. They tell you exactly what they think of the game, and you can see them at play in the video.



Becoming an Affiliate is Easy!

here’s a real quick video…



When: march 23–30

How much money? See the affiliate info page

Audience? internet marketing, e-commerce, home based business

Register as affiliate

Get a PDF with more info

Affiliate tools? yes: emails and other tools coming soon

I truly hope you’ll join the promotion …if it’s a good fit for your customers and prospecting customers. If you don’t become an early adopter and get ahead of the crowd, you’ll be smacking your head in abject frustration because you didn’t take action and didn’t make more money.

(Note: Yes when you register as an affiliate I also make money - just saying that so the FTC doesn't get its undies in a bunch).


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