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What Happens When Sokule Meets Swom?
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What Happens When Sokule Meets Swom?

What happens when Sokule meets Swom?
Sparks Fly

Hi [fname]

Fabulous bonus coming at you at the
end of this email.Read to the end
and you will see what I mean
500,000 Sokens at Sokule value 635.00
See how you can pocket them today

What happens when Sokule meets Swom
Sparks Fly.

Social Media sites are fast becoming the
place to advertise on the net.

The industry is booming and the sooner
you recognize the power of this industry
and what it can do for your own business,
the more growth you are going to achieve.

Listen up.

I know what I am talking about here:)

Not all Social Media Sites are created equal.

As you may know, I am a big believer in
Social Media sites that not only let you
connect with other people, but also give
you an income stream with them.

This means that they have their own affiliate
program connected with them so that you can
pocket some dough when you introduce people to

The affiliate program is not the main part
of any Social Media Site but it can help
defray costs for members as well as provide
them with a monthly income.

I am all for this.
That is just why we designed our own Social
media site, Sokule, with an affiliate program.

If you are not yet a member, join up here

Sokule lets you ea*rn while you are growing
and promoting your own business.

Since the dawn of Social Media Sites my
eye has always landed on those sites that
have a payout of some kind to their members
who, after all, are the ones that are recruiting
others to that site.

And Here Comes One that will Wow You.

S Meets S

Sokule Meets Swom

I had the pleasure of talking with Jack Whitehall
yesterday, the owner of Swom, and we have
some exciting things planned for Sokule and
Swom together which I am keeping under
wraps for the moment while we work on them.

Swom is a new Social media site that is
still in pre launch but it has all of the
bells and whistles that I look for in
Social Media Sites.


You can connect, of course, with the people
you want to at Swom but what interests me
the most and, I think will intrique, you is
the groups that have been set up at Swom.

One group, a big one, is a group about Sokule
headed up by one of our founding members, Nina
Spelman. You will want to hop into that
group right away.

I think Nina knows more about Sokule then
I do:)

she can really give you great pointers on
how to make the most of your Sokule account.

And Swom has the other ingrediant that I
look for at a Social Media site and that
is it has a payplan for those who upgrade.

You can take a look at the payplan at the
site. It's really nifty and that is an
added attraction for those of you who
want to make the most of your Social Media

I joined and upgraded to Gold right away
It is afforable and you can earn your monthly
payment back in a heartbeat.

If you have not already joined Swom, you can
do that right here


Set up your profile, take a look around,
hop into Nina's Sokule group so you can
get some learning (as they say) and if
you can swing it, upgrade to the Gold
membership and get yourself into the payplan
that Jack has structured to benefit you
while you grow your contacts at Swom.

You will want to be a member of Swom when...

S meets S

Sokule meets Swom

You will need a Swom link when...

S meets S

Sokule Meets Swom


It is fr*ee to join so get into the  prelaunch
of this site while Jack and I work on the...

S meets S parts.

Please give a hearty welcome to our partner
from across the pond.


And starting today and until March 11th when
we get back from our speaking tour, anyone
who upgrades under my link at Swom will get
500,000 Sokens  popped into their Sokule account
That's a value of 635.00 just for going
gold at Swom

See how to collect below

Go Get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Sokens bonus
Upgrade to gold at Swom under my link today


Email me your full name, your Sokule username
your payment receipt to Swom to:


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens
to arrive in your account. This bonus is
for those who upgrade under my link and who
do it by march 11th at midnight est.

PPS An update on our discounted founding
memberships at Sokuke

There are only 37 left now.

If you want one get in touch with me now
When Phil and I give our talk in San Francisco
on March 9th, these discounted founding memberships
will be gone and the price for the next 1000
will go way up and then they disappear forever.

I don't want to hear down the road

"Jane, why didn't you tell me?"

I am giving you fair warning
Get while the getting is good.

This is the cheapest lifetime advertising
you will get anywhere on the net and to
not get your hands on it, it just plain nuts.

If you want more info on founding memberships
at Sokule email me here







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