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Top 3 Mailers Have 14 Years Of Combined Existence.

Did you know that the Top 3 ranked mailers on Hoopla have been
operating for over a 14 years combined?

It's true, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer and The Lead Magnet  have been
around since 2010 and ListJoe has been around since 2005.

These are also three of the largest mailers online and their members
have remained active over the years.

It's fine to join some of these new mailer launches, but at the end of
the day, you need to take shelter in some mailers that you know will
be there tomorrow.

The admins that run all three of these sites are also some of the most
respected and trusted admins online today.

Here's a great instant strategy to get you started today.....

1) Click the credit link and join Hoopla now.
2) Join the Top 3 mailers (and more if you like) on Hoopla.
3) Plug in your own affiliate links to those sites on Hoopla
4) Feel free to use THIS EMAIL and run your own campaign.

Do it today!



Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan


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