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“You're Literally Drowning in a Figurative Sea of Busyness”

Welcome to The Don't Hurry™, a video commercial for rum that doubles as an interesting marketing idea. This video advertisement for rum debuted 3 months ago, yet it already has nearly 6 million views. It's secret? A fun video, for one thing. But also a great message that isn't directly tied to the product.

So how do you advertise rum? Do you talk about the great flavor? The quality? The ingredients? The good times with friends? Problem is, every other rum maker is already talking about those things. So instead you ask yourself what problem your prospects have that your product might, in some small way, solve.

The answer they chose was 'Busyness.' Doing too much. Having too much to do. Rushing through life. Feeling overwhelmed, like you can never catch up.

And so this brand of rum offers their product as a solution to this all too common everyday problem. In essence, they have taken a cause and made it their own.

Welcome to The Don't Hurry™, and notice they even trademarked the name. Then notice the comments under the video – people THANKING them for advertising to them. Others saying they've watched the video 5 times, and they feel better for having watched it.

What a brilliant marketing idea, it really gives you inspiration to think outside of the box. Now, how can you apply this to your own marketing? 

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