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[DB]Your $3,200 MONEY LICENSE - last week to save 78%

On October 24th a friend of mine gave me a tip on a brand
new income stream.

The company was running a "special promo" so to me, it
was a total no-brainer decision to take this baby for a test
drive, especially since I absolutely love ...


All I can say now is ...


I put it to the test and pocketed $17,500 in PROFIT in
about a week.

(Yep, it's true and I did NOT do this by promoting to a big
email list.)

Last month, that little promotion I told you about resulted in
over $160K generated in less than 7 days by our members.

This month, the company is running the same PROMO
(one last time) and calling it the ...

"Second Chance @ Success" Celebration Bonanza!

But it's ENDING soon.

Which is why I'm writing to you now.

By taking advantage of this limited time offer, you will
secure your position in the (NEW) DPS at the highest level
at an amazing 78.125% off the retail sticker price.

==> You will LOCK IN 100% commissions.

==> You will LOCK IN your position to generate $10K a
month with 4 people.

==> You will LOCK IN 100% swipe-n-deploy marketing

Let me give you a couple resources to check out real quick
so you can decide for yourself if this is right for you ...



Go "Old-School" And Make a "Cash Call" ;-)

Dial (310)-464-0879 (24 hr recorded message)

Mailbox Options:

Press 1: How a broke landscaper went from $11/hr to
Press 2: Benefits of BIG TICKET money
Press 3: Piggy Bank Robber: Get Paid $320-$2,560
Press 4: The 4 P's to Traffic Generation
Press 5: The Imagination Game


I'll be honest - whether or not you join won't make a
difference in my bank account but it could make a

That's not hype. It's not a sales pitch.

It's the truth based on my experience with this so far (I've
made well over $20K).

What you do with this is totally up to you.

But take my advice and make a decision NOW because
there's a very special promotion running that can save you
a very REAL $2,500.

So if you decide to join me - you'll want to do it now.

Everything you need is right here:


Bryan Addison and Donald Bugea

P.S. When you join me in DPS, not only will you get your
$3,200 MONEY LICENSE, but I'll also Show You How I
Generated $17,500.00 PROFIT in about a week with this
and give you access to the EXACT SAME system I used to
do it.

See ya on the inside!



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