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Put Ca*sh in Your Pocket Today...

Put Ca$h in Your Pocket Today...

Are you new to the net?
Are you struggling to make ca*sh online?

Give me a few minutes and I'll show you how to put ca*sh in your pocket right now and keep it coming in month after month after month.

You get...

- A business website in less than 30 seconds

- You keep all the money from sales you make.

- That money is residual which means you make one sale and earn from it each month.

- Paul Darby does the bulk of the advertising for you.

Stop sitting on your thumbs wondering what to do next and get yourself over here right now...


This is a no brainer.

When you sign up, you have a choice Pay $7 - $25 - $50 or $100 a month.

You get to keep it all when you make a sale to others.

I took the $100 per month because Paul does effective advertising for me. But I suggest you start where you feel comfortable.


The higher you go, the more advertising is done for You. oh my I just love that.

You can get a web site. You keep all the money (100%) and you get your site advertised for you in the deal.

Yikes! This site is awesome.

All you do is pop your alertpay account in the edit information and you keep all the dough.

Paul Darby puts your site in a rotator and does the advertising for you at no cost to you. The more you pay, the more advertising Paul does for you.

No, that doesn't mean you don't have to promote yourself. You know better than that - But it sure helps to have Paul promoting for you in a rotator. Means you can get sign ups on top of the advertising you do yourself.

This site is your new ca*sh cow...

Give it a try.

I think you will fall in love with Slap the Guru. I did.



Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS For those of you who pick up the $100 per month package, it comes with 500,000 sokens (valued $635.00) at Sokule and you will see how to collect them in the members area.

Not a member of Sokule yet? Join here...

And collect your 500,000 fr*ee sokens.

That's a value of $635.00 or 6 times your investment in Slap the Guru.

Go for it.


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