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Would You Pay 9 Cents to Make 78.80?

If you could pay 9 cents to make 78.80 bucks
would you?

You can here.


Go to the site and take a look at the
upgrade page and follow along with me

As you can see, you can ping up to 25
urls for 3 months for 7.25.

We made Kuleping an affordable for all
site and it has an affiliate program so
even fr*ee members can ea*rn.

That's right
7.25 for 25 urls and you don't pay again
for 3 months.

Do the math
You are paying 9 cents a url.

So why is that important?
Let me give you an example

Suppose you promote a program any
program but lets take Sokule as
an example.

Let's say you are a silver member of


When someone upgrades under you at
you get a commission of 78.80

So now lets say you go to your lists
and your contacts and you say.

I am going to give you free advertising
in my ping site for 3 months when you
upgrade under me at Sokule

In Other Words I will advertise your
Sokule site for Fr*ee for you.

Tell them you will put their Sokule
link in a KulePing for fr*ee when they
upgrade under you at Sokule.

Now you are providing your members with
an inducement or a bribe, if you like, to
upgrade under you at Sokule.

If you can afford it go for the 6
months payment so you can offer 6
months of fr*ee advertising to your

If they upgrade, you take their affiliate
url for Sokule, pop it into KulePing
and you made yourself 78.80 bucks less the 9 cents
you just gave away.

This is how the big boys do it on the net.

We wanted you to have a tool in your hands
that would cost you virtually nothing so
that you could do the same thing.

Even if you are selling or promoting
a 10.00 product. Isn't it worth it to
give away 9 cents to get 10 bucks?

Of course it is.

Get in the game with the big guns
It can pay off for you big time

by the way you can purchase 100 or 500
up to 5000 urls at KulePing

Those of you who are familiar with
how pinging works will want to ping
a lot of pages of your own site or
blog and at these prices you can afford
to do that easily.

Use the ones you need and give the rest a way.
The price goes down, the more urls you purchase
to ping so with each fr*ee offer, you
and your upgrade both come out winners.

Sign up to kuleping

Use what you need for yourself
Give the other spaces away.

And for goodness sake, make sure you
have your own Sokule affiliate link in
KulePing. At these prices, you cannot
afford not to.

Get the picture?


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