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If I Had One Wish...Jane's Sunday Sermon on Saturday
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If I Had One Wish...Jane's Sunday Sermon on Saturday

This is too important to wait until tomorrow
so you are getting my Sunday sermon on Saturday:)

Read this entire email:

You can end up with 5 million Sokens at
Sokule for a value of 6350.00. That is how
important this one email is to your success
on the net

If you have been keeping up with the times,
you know that Social Media sites are the
hottest thing on the net right now and
the place to be to get your business seen.

My partner, Phil Basten, recognized this trend a 
couple of years ago and an idea started percolating 
in his very creative mind resulting in our Social
Media site, Sokule.


Phil took a look around and saw that sites
like facebook and twitter and myspace were
getting all the play on the net but they
weren't paying anyone to bring people to
them and so Sokule was born with a paying
affiliate part to it kind of like Twitter
but monetized.

Phil took a look around and said:

"Why aren't people able to get success in their
own businesses when they join these Social
Media sites?"

and he set Sokule up so that you could reach all
the top Social Media sites with just one post and just 1 click.

Sokule is a great success.

It has been profitable from day one and
paying off big time for our members but...

Here's the rub

There are so many social media sites out there.

Sokule now post to 33 of them now and in the future
it will post to many more.

There are literally hundreds of interesting
Social Media sites.

I want to belong to them ALL and I mean ALL
I want my name on each and every media site
out there.

But that means I need to sign up to each
and every one of them and, while, I do that all
the time, if I had just one wish it would be

Could someone else do the signing up for me?

Could someone else brand the name Sokule all
over all over every Social Media site on
the net?

Could someone sign up using my profile
information to 50 or 100 or 300 or more
social media sites for me?

Could someone else set up back links to my
site and get more traffic to my site?

If I Had One Wish...Jane's Sunday Sermon

So, as I lay in bed one night wishing that
someone could rescue me from the plight of
signing up to each and every Social Media
site on the net, something dropped out of
heaven and into my lap and my wish was


You are not going to believe your eyes when
you see this.

I had to look once and, only once, to realize
that my one wish had been granted.

Here was a site, from a company with a track
record of success, willing to do everything
I wished for and more and do it for a song.

Get this...

As we speak, Brandgolive is setting up my
profile at 300 Social Media sites.

Yep! You heard me. They are setting up
my profile at 300 Social Media sites right

They are making it so that Sokule will be
branded on each and every important Social
Media site on the net. No one else will
be able to use by brand before I get to it.

They are setting up my profiles for me.

They are writing an article for me on Sokule
and getting it onto every Social Media site
that they are setting up for me.

They are getting me back links to Sokule
that will greatly increase our popularity

They are setting up back links to Sokule
to increase our search engine rankings.

They will send me a report containing all
my log ins for my 300 sites.

But it is not just for Sokule.

I am getting four sites branded and back linked
I am doing this for my main site Jam Marketing
Inc and for KuelTrack and Crocads.

I am getting four of my sites done for
the price of one. That's amazing!

You can do this too right now.


I signed up.

Filled out a form for Brandgolive which took
me about 3 minutes and put my brand in their
very capable hands.

[fname] If you run a business on the net or
If you are an affiliate of any business on
the net, you gotta be nuts not to do this.

Brandgolive is doing all the work for you.
It would take you months to do what they
do in about ten days for you if you even
know how to do this.

I know my limitations.
I could never do this in a million years
Now I don't have to.

First come
First served


Orders will be filled in the order they are
received so don't dilly dally around on this.

Brandgolive has 50 top notch people working
for them on this but even so, you need to
get your order in now.

Once the word is out on this, forgettaboutit
you are going to be on a waiting list.

You can sign up for free and do all the work
yourself but you are going to kick yourself
when you see what they do for you.

And it gets even better.

You pay one time and that's it.

You can get in for as little as 97.00
one time and that will get you 50 profiles
set up.

You can get yourself 100 profiles set up
if you take up the second package.

I took the 300 profile package (platinum)
because that is the one that sets up back
links to 4 of your sites.

Back linking sites to your own is critical
to the amount of traffic you get to your site.

I paid 397 one time.
Can you believe it?

I have paid 10 times that to people who
have done some back linking for me in the past
and it was not for Social Media sites which
is where you want to be now if you want
to keep your business on the net alive.

I also am paying a monthly fee to get more
profiles and back links set up every month
but you don't have to do that if you don't
want to. That is completely optional.

At the very least get them to brand your name
at least 50 Social Media sites. You may not
know how important this will be to your
future but take my word for it, it is!

If you can swing it pay for the 397 platinum
package once and get those back links working
for you on four sites of your choosing.

If I had just one wish, it would be that
each of you gets the traffic you need to your site
and let it be done by the professionals who
know how to it.

I am so flipped out about this.

I couldn't wait to get this out to you
which is why my Sunday sermon is coming at
you on Saturday:)

Don't worry you will see it again tomorrow.

This is probably the most important step
you can take for any site you are promoting
and I am going to tell you about it over and
over again until you clearly understand what
this can do for your business on the net.

If I had one wish, it would be that you take
my recommendation on this and do it today.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

The 5 Million Sokens bribe:)

PS: Because Sokule will be adding more and
more Social Media sites to post to over the
next year and because we know that many of
you will want someone else to do the work for
you, I want to get you involved in Brandgolive

So here's the deal

This is such an important step for you to take
that I am offering anyone who signs up under
my link for this service today or tomorrow
5 million Sokens at Sokule.

Yes it is a bribe.

I understand just how important this is to
your ultimate success on the net so I am going
to make it mind boggling for you not to take
up this offer by giving your 5 million Sokens
at Sokule when you take up the platinum package

I really don't know if I can even figure out
the value of that for you. It's mind boggling.
Let’s put it this way. A million Sokens at
Sokule is worth 1270.

You do the math, 5 million is 5 times that.

I want you to take this deal.

It really is that important to your success on
the net

Here is how you collect

Sign up under my link for the platinum Brandgolive


Then shoot me your payment receipt to Brandgolive
and your Sokule username and give me 24 to 48
hours and you will see 5 million Sokens in your
Sokule account. That will get you so many trackers
at Sokule I can't even dream about it.


PPS If you are not yet a member of Sokule, you
can sign up fr*ee here


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