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This Cliche Is Actually True...
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This Cliche Is Actually True...

The Money is in the list.
You have heard that many times
It is cliche online but...

Sometimes cliches are used because
they are actually true!

This New, simple, affordable list building
and money making system is going to put
dough in your pocket quicker than a cat
can grow whiskers.

Put this money making system to work for you right now.


There is nothing else like Onyalist on the net

You can create your own capture page
in 60 seconds or less.

You get all your leads and stats right in
the back office of Onyalist.

You can add various auto responders and
capture your leads in two places at
one time. You get them at Onyalist
and you can get them at:

Aweber, Get Reponse Traffic Wave and GVO,
Rocket Responder and more...

But you do not need to add an autoresponder
if you do not want to. All Your leads
will be there in your Onyalist account.

You can create a sales funnel and sell
three sites at the same time from one
simple capture page. This means you
can make 3 sales every time your promote
form one simple capture page.

You can promote any site you want to
You can promote as many sites as you like.

In fact you can promote up to 3 sites
with one capture page

You can set up a capture page
in any language you like.

You can edit your pages at any time.

You can use any text or video you like

You can even use our pre made copy
on your capture pages if you are not
good at writing your own.

You can add the Onyalist mailer to contact
all your leads

You can add video backgrounds to your
capture pages.

Onyalist is like nothing else you have
ever seen on the net.

If is affordable for all
One time payments

50% comm-sissions
You can make 4 comm-issions from one sale

The site converts at 76% percent
Unheard of on the net.

If you want to make sales online,
this is the place to do it.


List Building was never this easy.
Making sales was never this easy.

We are putting this powerful marketing tool
in your hands now


The Money is in the list and you
can make that cliche an easy reality
for you right now today.


Go get um

Jane Mark

PS: You will be able to add your Sokule,
Yakamore and All Your Lists in One Place
ids in the members area of Onyalist and
sell other list building sites while you
use and sell Onyalist

PPS: Your purchase at of Onyalist comes
with 2 million to 5 million sokens. You
come out a winner on both ends. You will
see how to collect them in the members area.



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