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Sokule Coming at You Tomorrow
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Sokule Coming at You Tomorrow

Tomorrow we go live with Kule Wall.

I am so hyped about this new application
coming at you tomorrow at Sokule

Pay attention here
This is going to be so000...Kule!

Tomorrow  Kule Wall is coming

Watch for a new application.
It is going to knock your socks off.

It's called Kule Wall and, if you want to
get in on Kule Wall from the get go, listen

Here is what is going to happen

A Wall of posts are going to appear when
you log into Sokule. This wall will  also
be visible in the members area. Look for
it tomorrow.

It will be powerful and I mean powerful.

Depending on your membership level at
Sokule, you will be able to post 1,2 or 3
posts daily on our most visible posting
place, Kule Wall.

You will need to choose your best posts to
appear on the wall and you will get that
choice when you go to your posting box
at Sokule.

There will be a button that lets you choose
the post that you want to appear on Kule Wall

So... Let's say you are a bronze plus or
silver member at Sokule. You can choose your best post of the day,
the one that is the most important for people to see and get it up
on Kule Wall where it remain up for 5 days.

People will be able to search for your posts
by themes and words so that all posts on
a particular topic or theme will show
up through a search.

Nifty right?
See what people are saying about your site!
See what people are saying on your topic
of interest.

You will be able to get this very valuable
post up once every day if your are bronze plus
or silver.

For gold members you will be able to post
to Kule wall twice a day

Founders 3 times a day

Bonze members will be able to purchase this
application as an ad on.

This means that Kule Wall will get the best
of the best without anyone being able to
pepper the wall with one post after another.

It means that you will get your posts in
front of all our paying members whether they
are tracking you or not.

So here is the bottom line.

If you a free member of Sokule, now is the time
to upgrade your account

Kule Wall is going to get you a lot of action
at Sokule but you are going to have to be
an upgraded member to use it.

Sokule, The Gentle Giant is working for you 24.7

Tomorrow he is going to give you a very Kule Wall
adding even more power to your ability to
get seen on the net

I am going to sweeten the pie today because
I want each of you to able to use this new

So here's the deal...

Anyone who upgrades to a Silver membership or
higher today will get 500,000 Sokens added
to the sokens they already receive on upgrade

That's a Kule half million sokens with a value
of 635.00 for upgrading today

You will want to use this Kule Wall tomorrow
and if you are not bronze plus or higher, you
will be closed out. It pays to upgrade at


Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS On Thurday march 25th at high noon Sokule
will be launching a new, related Sokule site
I can't tell you what it is yet. Founder you
will get it earlier that day as soon as I
can get it to you and you will have first
crack at it. I can tell you on this. The site
has initials of KM and it's a pip. You have
never seen anything like that. I guarantee you
So be around on Thursday at noon to see us
make a little more history on the net.




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