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[DB]The 2 SECRETS that changed everything!


I wanted to share an email I received from Lisa Diane


It was 1994, but I remember it like it was yesterday …

There I sat at the little league game ... buzzers, whistles,
kids and commotion all around me - but I didn't notice.

I was glued to the pages of a book I just couldn't put down.

Not a novel or the latest NY Times Best Seller …

It wasn't THAT kind of book.

This book was different. It spoke TO me. I felt inspired
and powerful and successful.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave the game and head
back home.

When we pulled into the driveway I was SHOCKED at
what I saw ...

My car was GONE.




I ran inside and picked up the phone to call the police and
report that my car had been stolen!

Just then my neighbor knocked at the door. As she walked
in I started rambling on about my car being stolen when I
heard her say ...

"They took it."

What, WHO took it, I asked? You let someone STEAL MY

And then I heard the words I'll never forget ...

"No Lisa, that's what happens when you can't pay your

My heart sank.

I felt this knot in my stomach - like I was gonna be sick.


This was it. The last straw. I had finally hit rock-bottom.

Then I remembered what I had been reading - just an hour
earlier - in that book I couldn't put down.

And I made a decision.

What happened next may surprise you ...

OK, who am I kidding ... what happened next will shock
the heck out of you (it definitely shocked me!)

You see I discovered a secret - actually 2 secrets. And these
2 secrets totally changed my life.

The FIRST SECRET is what I now call, "The 5 Magic

Here they are ... "Your THOUGHTS Create YOUR Life."

That's "the 5 magic words" and when you "get it" and
finally realize that YOUR THOUGHTS are creating the life
you experience you realize that you can have and do and be
ANYTHING you really desire.

It's what you FOCUS ON that you attract into your life.


And up until that moment in my life I spent every waking
moment focusing on what was WRONG, what was
MISSING, what I didn't want, how unfair life was, etc., etc.

I was broke. Had no job, no income and no clue what to do.
I was playing the victim. And the more I focused on what
was wrong and what I didn't want ... the MORE I got of the

So I CHANGED my focus from what was wrong, missing
and not working in my life to what I WANTED and ONLY
what I wanted.

And you know what ... THINGS CHANGED FAST.

Largely because of the SECOND SECRET.

In fact, the "SECOND SECRET" allowed me to go from
flat broke to generating over $653K in LESS than 6
MONTHS and then $1.2MM before the end of the FIRST
year ... right from HOME.

That was 17 years ago and the money NEVER stopped!

How did I do it?!

I'll tell you - and even better, I'll explain how it can work
for you, too.

Here's how:


To Your Success,


Lisa Diane


P.S. These "2 SECRETS" have totally changed my life and
given me and my family a multi-million dollar lifestyle for
nearly 2 DECADES.

And here's the thing ... I believe it can work for you, too.

I'll show you how:


And you know what, I believe it can work for you too.


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