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St Partircks' Day Special-No Blarney
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Cabbage. St Partircks' Day Special-No Blarney

You've got the luck of the Irish today.

It's your day!

We have a deal for you that will make a
Leprechaun blush:)

It will put the corn in your beef
The Irish in your soda bread
The cabbage (that green spendin stuff in
your pocket)

We're giving blarney a whole new meaning today:)

The Cabbage deal-A St Patrick's Day Blowout

Quick and easy

Join Sokule, the number 1 Social Media site
built for business on the net


Join at the silver membership level or higher

You pay once a year and that's it.

When you join silver, you get to post to
Sokule and Twitter and facebook and Myspace
and 30 other Social Media sites instantly.

You can build a list in a blink of an eye
and mail to that list every three days.

Sokule does the list building for you by
using our sokens which are our secret list
building weapon.

Customize your site the way you want to to
create your own business presence on the net
Add graphics, add live links, add videos.
This is your site and you make it the way
you like it.

Auto Welcome your trackers

Pre schedule up to 25 posts at one time

Post messages as long as you like. There
is no limit on the length of your message.

Use all of our applications that make
Sokule a powerhouse of advertising.

Get paid 40% commission on all your upgrades

We pay you to introduce people to Sokule and
we pay you every Friday.

You can have a paycheck in your pocket this
Friday. It really is that easy.

So here's the deal

Join or upgrade to a Silver membership at
Sokule today


You will get the following full plate of
Corn Beef and cabbage with all the trimmings.

You will have your sokens trippled when
you sign up Silver today to 375,000 fr*ee sokens. That will get you a heap of trackers at Sokule
in a nano second-Value 381.00

Add in the Soda Bread

Join Sokule today at the Silver membership
and you will get 100,000 fr*ee advertising
credits at our most popular list mailing
site, Croc ads. Value 994.00

Have a cup of ale on us

Get 150,000 fr*ee Kule coins at Kule track
our feeder site to Sokule and Twitter value

Total package value 1502.00

Yikes! Even I can't resist that one.

But Wait There's more.

If you are already a Sokule member and you
you missed the one time offer for our silver
membership. I am going to give the one time
offer link that you may have missed when
you first signed up to Sokule. This will
save you 100 per year.

Here it is
Good for today and tomorrow midnight est

When you use this link, you will need to
be upgraded manually so please allow 24 for
your upgrade to take effect.

You will also see this one time offer when
you sign up to Sokule so grab it and the
deal is yours.

I told you no blarney here.

You have a deal of 1602.00 sitting in front of

You have the luck of the Irish on your side

Your luck runs out tomorrow at midnight est.

Grab it and get yourself the best advertising
deal ever offered on the net.


Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

To Claim your bonuses at Croc Ads and Kule Track
please see below.

PS: If you are not a member of our mailing
site, Croc ads, you can sign up right here

If you are not a member of Kule Track, you
can sign up right here and get more followers
and trackers at Sokule at the same time.












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