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[DB]Easy to Create, Stunningly Beautiful Capture Pages ...


If you use an autoresponder or you have ever done any list
building you will know that not everyone who signs up at
your capture page actually makes it on your list.

There are many reasons for this.

People often don't check their emails for days and the
validation email gets buried.

The validation email ends up in the spam folder for some
reason and gets missed all together.

The validation email never arrives.

Whatever the reason, you have lost that signup unless they
see your capture page a second time and signup again.

Most autoresponder companies won't allow you to resend
the validation so that lead is lost.

At OnyaList we solved that problem.

Never Lose A Lead Again - OnyaList Rocks!


When you use the OnyaList capture page, list building and
sales system, OnyaList captures the name and email of your
signup and adds it to your back office as well as your
autoresponder, so you can...

* Export the leads.

* Email those that did not validate again via a gmail
account, and...

* Send them to your capture page again and offer them an
even bigger incentive to signup.

This gives you another chance to save this lead.

The 'Never Lose a Lead Again' system is unique to Onyalist
and that's not the only part that makes OnyaList stand out in
the crowd.

Most of the background images or the action button images
you won't find anywhere else on the web. They are
exclusive to OnyaList.

Never Lose A Lead Again - OnyaList Rocks!


And our pages are absolutely gorgeous...

- You can customize them the way you want.
- You can Choose from 40 stunning backgrounds.

- 8 different action button messages in different colors.
- You can add your own text or modify our suggestions.
- You can even add YouTube Videos

Plus if you have an unlimited account you can...

- Create unlimited pages.
- Test unlimited combinations, text and images.
- Capture unlimited leads.
- Add unlimited sales funnels.
- Generate unlimited income.

See what all the commotion is about at OnyaList.

NEVER lose a lead AGAIN - OnyaList rocks!


You're going to love the way your pages look. We
Guarantee it.



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