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Okay So Here Are Some More Results-I Like to Test:)
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Okay So Here Are Some More Results-I Like to Test:)

If you have been reading my promos lately
you know that I have been promoting a site
called Income Power System and testing the
results for you.


Here are the results to my affiliate link

10 Days
11,264 hits to my referral link
$6219.00 in comm-issions

That is off the wall fabulous!

You should join this today.

It is an affordable one time payment
and the results speak for themselves.

But...It Gets Even Better...

You can put 5 urls of your choice in
the back office to send auto traffic to.

On Saturday, Oct 19th I began to test results
to my 5 urls.

Here is What I Did...

I put in 5 Capture Pages urls from Onyalist
into the members area of Income Power System


Onyalist gives you full stats in the members
area so any capture page you put in acts
like a tracking link for you and gives you
the stats you need. You can reset those stats
to constantly test your results.

Here are the results I got to my 5 urls
in 5 days.

Link1 http://onyalist.com/StreamsofCash/onyalist

hits 1165 54 leads

Link 2 http://onyalist.com/HotStuff/onyalist

6717 124 leads

Link 3 http://onyalist.com/OnyalistMakesWaves/onyalist

3343 hits  99 leads

Link4 http://onyalist.com/OnyaListNewFeature/onyalist

677 hits 24 leads

Link 5 http://onyalist.com/VolcanicMarketing/onyalist

199 hits 5 leads

These results tell me two things:

First I am getting a lot of traffic from
Income Power System

Second...It tells me which pages are
attracking the  traffic and which need some

Bottom Line:

Join Income Power System Today.

The results speak for themselves.

Put OnyaList Capture pages in the five
urls that you can set up at Income Power System
so that you can track your results


If you want to succeed online, follow my lead
Do what I am doing.

Create Capture pages at OnyaList


Put those capture pages in places that
will begin to bring you traffic like
Income Power System


Rinse and Repeat for any site you want to promote.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you missed our live webinar from Saturday
It is worth a look see.

I outlined exactly what I do every single day
to promote online.

Go and Do Likewise...




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