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I just want to introduce myself to the world. This is my story.

CALL ME "The Big Cheese" b/c I WILL GET OUT THE RAT RACE AND BE KNOWN FOR ASSISTING OTHERS TO DO THE SAME.  I am a Pharmacist of 20+ years who has since 12 years old wanted my own business.
I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I have risked almost losing my job to stand up for people mistreated in the work place. Speaking up only got me in trouble, But now I have a strategy. Making the difference in the rat race IS GETTING OUT OF IT AND BECOMING YOUR OWN BOSS, IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN TIME AND MONEY. This is my passion, my heart breaks when a single mom gets her hours cut or someone gets a job over another more qualified because of management making decisions based on personal vendettas. I am driven to find opportunities for business that I know work and share tools to equip Network Marketers to Succeed in making wise choices on how to select a biz opportunities and not be overwhelmed with ALL that is out here on the internet. Get the knowledge on HOW TO really understand network marketing then make educated decisions on which business is best for you.

What I like may not be where your heart is, but I will show you HOW to make the smart choices that give you TRUE LEVERAGE and then my friends you will get out the rat race.

I am not there YET so many may say why listen to her and I can dig that. But I am not going to give fake promises and pump you up. I want you to join me on my journey to me becoming a Working Stay at Home Mom. Please visit frequently my Fan Page because ONE DAY you will stop by and see that I DID IT!!! Then the next step--GET OTHERS OUT THE RAT RACE!!(then you will want to listen for real.LOL)

I wanted to share today an accomplishment along with my story. I made the whole video and everything and it is because of the great training I am receiving. Enjoy Guys

->   http://stayinghomemom.com

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