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ARP - Your Business Model Platform

ARP is a business model constantly converting at 22% and climbing.

This software system focuses on serious business leaders looking for responsive advertising while creating a cash flow component.

I am sharing this because I can’t handle all the business by myself and what I don’t collect I lose to competitors, so I’m loosing a lot of money as a result of this.

I will do a 50/50 split with you because business I lose, I lose for good.

*What is expected of you:

You have to send text messages via “my software” to clients who want this service who may
have some questions. You can do this from your cell phone if you have a smartphone.

Definitely need some overseas folks because of time zone differences that I’m not able to

This business is an absolute cash machine.. when it’s said, “it’s like having an ATM machine out
on the front porch... well, this is one of those business models in mention.

Here’s the breakdown:

Your cut is a $100 monthly royalty on each sale made by my software and business model.

You can use your traffic and I recommend it... but the majority of your traffic will come from
using my traffic because it works... I've got all the targeted traffic I or you will ever need.

The software is a complete system from beginning to end. ( from traffic to close)

I will give you access to the business plan and everything you need including the traffic.

There is nothing to set up. it’s all ready working and already making as high as $16,700 in
monthly royalties in only 3 weeks for just one of our beta testers.

This is not MLM, rather a Software Business.

I’m only charging $5.00 for the application fee which I can get you approved on guaranteed.

Unless I just don’t want to work with you it should go okay for you, which if not, I will just give

you your money back in full!

Get started with ARP(AutoRecruitingPlatform) Today...

Have a great and successful day!

William Clinkscales
Network Marketing Advisor
Skype: w.clinkscales



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