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How I Deal With Disappointing Events and Keep From Letting Them Control My Positive Self

I was thinking today after receiving the outcome from a selection process concerning my place of work that I felt was a bit bias, or even unfair in some aspects. Now, of course this is my opinion on the particular situation, but that is what matters when it comes to how if makes me feel, or how I may let it take charge of my disposition and/or attitude.  


I said to myself it is extremely important to at least speak on it a little in an open forum, so as to be able to at least get an ear to vent in some sort of mature and responsible peaceful manner. Especially when the situation is one that I have very little control over. As I think we all can find ourselves in these types of various situation from time-to-time.


However, I am aware that I must not let this situation eat at me, but instead, realize how much control I may or may not have over changing it in any way. Now, like in this situation, I am finding that I do not have any real control in changing it or the practices that various selections, decisions or procedures are done in this particular place (being nice). So I must find a way to make sure I do not let this situation get me down to a point where it effects my drive and focus on my other everyday task and goals I need to continue driving to achieve.


I always try to remember that my eggs are not all in one basket. There are always other things I work on to make sure that I have a few avenues of securing a better future in the works. This really helps me to acknowledge there is something that can really upset me, and that I need to identify it quickly and find a way to get past it. Because I know that any given negative situation, if not handled correctly and immediately can really put me into a secluded corner, pity pot, etc., which will do nothing more than make me non-productive, and who does that hurt?


So when I identify that there is not really a lot I can do to change this, I must work on moving on in a positive, reassuring manner. This is by still believing in self and knowing that I cannot change everything, not to mention, life is not all about me.


You know, I feel better already. I feel like I just need to let that go and continue to take the steps I need to grow toward my positive goal of, Financial Independence. Now that is something I can control and work toward off of my own selections, decisions and procedures.


Hey all, thanks for being here, and keep driving to the top!                


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