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Here is my first Article about reality check. It derives from a friend of mine who is also a mentor in my online business. I suggest you look at his program and see the value in it. I do not work many programs but when I see one with a lot of value for people not to mention income possibilities I have to write about it for all to see.

I hope you enjoy and get some value from the 17 success principles.

You can go here and sign up for free to get some great value.


To Your Success,

1.My Immediate Definite Goal Is:___( fill in the Blanks ) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. I will memorize it. I have a burning desire to achieve it. I give thanks for my goal and my ability to achieve it.

2.I use the Mastermind Principle by finding others who will help me reach my goal. I realize by working with like-minded people, I can reach my goal faster!

3.I Apply My Faith in everything I do, and Iam successful. I have faith in myselfand I believe in helping others because it’s the right thing to do.4.

4.I have the habit of Going the Extra Mile. I always do more than is expected of me. I realize this creates great returns for me in my life. I do it with a joyful and pleasing attitude.

5.I have a Pleasing Personality.People like to be around me because I truly care about their needs and I show them that I care. I smile and laugh often. I am happy and it shows.

6.I take Personal Initiative to reach my goal. I don’t wait for others to make it a reality. I know that, “If it is to be, it’s up to me!” I easily recognize and seize good opportunities.

7.I maintaina Positive Mental Attitude at alltimes. Therefore, others are attracted to me and my vision, and they support me in reaching my goal. I realize people follow positive people.

8.I use Self Discipline in all I do. My body and mind are temples of my soul. I plan my work and work my plan happily every day. I feed my body, mind and spirit with health, love and positivity.

9.I am Enthusiastic. People are drawn to my sincere enthusiasm. I am a money magnet. I am a people magnet. I love people and I show them my excitement. My enthusiasm is catching on

10.I am Focused and Concentrated on attaining my goal, my plan and my definite major purpose. I am in the process of achieving it now and nothing will get in my way. Because I know where I am going, others follow me and support me and help me to reach my goal.

11.Accurate Thinking.I think for myself. I constantly look to people who are successful and follow systems that are proven to work to produce success. I do not let other people’s opinions influence me, instead I look for facts and think accurately.

12.I Learn From Adversity and Defeatand turn it into prosperity. I realize that any failure is just temporary and a stepping stone to success. I also realize that I will have to go through some “no’s” in order to get to “yes’s” and I expect that. It does not bother me at all. I realize that this is just part of the process. I analyze what is working and what is not, and modifymy actions accordingly until I get the result I desire.

13. I Use Cooperation and Teamwork.I work with those who share my vision and I am totally committed to helping them as well. I remain 100% focused and will not move from my goal. I cooperate and work with those who will make a commitment to me and I do the same for them. I use the power of my team to reach success much faster than I could on my own.

14.Creative Vision & Imagination.I understand that my mind is extremely powerful and literally worth Millions of Dollars. I find “How things CAN be done” while others look for ways they cannot. I tap into my creative vision on a daily basis through quiet time, study and careful planning,and I am thankful for my life and my beautiful mind.

15.I maintain Sound Physical & Mental Health.I eat healthy foods and keep a positive mental attitude. I feed my brain with successful information through books, audios and videos. I learn from them. I take notes and I apply what I learn in my daily life. I am focused on my success. I am “H-H-W-W”(Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise). I am unstoppable!

16.I am a Master at Budgeting My Time And Money.I have rules for my time and finances and I stick to them religiously. I realize that Profits are better than Wages, and my Savings, and Earnings CAN help me to make more profits, which can help me to become wealthy!

17.Infinite Intelligence:I tap into infinite intelligence, the source of all creation. I ask for and receive insights to use the powers of my mind to support me in creating the results I truly desire. I gladly receive success, wealth, abundance, health,and prosperity and I am thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life.


To Your Success,

Ken and Chassey

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