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Video Backgrounds

Video Backgrounds at OnyaList


I have been working online since the year 2000, and this
is the first time I have been able to have video backgrounds.

I seriously could not believe it when I first saw it!

I'm sure this has never been done before.

Leave it to Phil Basten and Jane Mark to do the first video backgrounds
on OnyaList. This is just one more reason everyone needs to be a member
here. OnyaList just keeps getting better and better. The video backgrounds
are just one more reason OnyaList is a perfect membership site.

Pay close attention to what the page does.

Autopilot lead capture and money making at its finest.
And now with moving video backgrounds, everyone
can stand out from the crowd if they want to.

Phil Basten and Jane Mark just keep making OnyaList better and better (no joke).

OnyaList is definitely the easiest "must have" product I have run across yet.


Take care,

Like how that page works?
Here's another one! I LOVE these!





Paula Frye is a full-time work at home Mom from Ohio, USA. She mainly sells as an affiliate and also works a few good MLMs.

->   http://onyalist.com/getalist/fryeteam

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