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(Brand New) Stupidly Simple SEO - Golden Ticket Incentive Contest For Early Birds!
"Hurry! During pre-launch, we have a “golden ticket” 
incentive running.

This basically means anyone that “opts-in” to 
Stupidly Simple SEO between 3/18 and noon 3/25, 
will be entered into a random draw (drawn using 
random.org) and have the opportunity to win 
something truly awesome; ME! 

Of course I mean they will be winning my 1 on 1 
to assist them to build their first 10 or so 
Google-busting Micro-sites and I will also lead them 
by the hand, step-by-step through my system as well."

Those were Phil Henderson's exact words when he
decided to creative this Golden Ticket Incentive!
Here's what his website is all about and let me tell
you this, if you need help boosting your Google page
rank, then you do not want to miss this incredible
that you've got right here!

Phil is giving you a free video for opting in, and you will
see how...

. How to find a product people actually want to buy 
right now!

. How to choose the right keywords and search term 
to get people to buy from!

. How to set up a one page site using cut and paste 
(no html or technical skills)

. Clicking submit and watching as his site ranks on 
page one of Google in under 30 minutes!

. Seeing real people visiting his site in minutes.

I will also add, that he did all that without ever
owning his own website

Do not wait on this, it's totally free to opt-in and get 
all the exciting details right away!


Jaye Pause and Brad Webb
Marketing Consultants

PS. We followed step-by-step and got our site ranked 
top ten in under 25 minutes, it's stupidly simple...



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