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Mr. Bill Edwards with Info YOU Want To Hear

Good Friday, Oh The Video is some great advice on getting better sleep)

This is from a colleague of mine Mr. Bill Edwards:


In my 16 years online, I've interacted with tens of
thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs... and coached
hundreds of them directly.

Many of these people started an online business because 
they had VERY limited budgets, and never would have been 
able start brick-and-mortar businesses.

In fact, some insisted that they didn't even have enough 
spare change to afford web hosting or an autoresponder. 

When they approached me asking, what to do, I often
told them that they were better off taking a part-time
offline job, and using that money to bootstrap a business.

Back then, I didn't see any easy way to do it without
at least getting your own domain name, some reputable
hosting, and a good autoresponder. Yes, there were 
companies that offered free hosting, etc., but that 
didn't instill any confidence in potential customers...
and only branded the other company.

However, things change fast on the internet, and with
the advent to things like social media, it IS now
fairly easy to start an online business without spending
a penny... and if you HATE selling, you can earn a
decent income without even selling anything directly.

The biggest change, and the secret, actually is in 
what makes social media "social."

Social media is all about sharing.

You can now generate a decent living just by SHARING

What you share are branded videos, ebooks, graphics,
webinar recordings, etc. These are branded with YOUR
affiliate links. You share them on Facebook, Pinterest,
Twitter, a blog or discussion forum, etc., and when 
someone checks them out, they are also checking out your
affiliate links.

The things is, you share interesting content, and never
really need to ask them to buy anything.

Since people LOVE to share content on social media 
sites, your "friends" or followers will often repost
your shared content, and when they do, they pass along
YOUR affiliate link.

Pretty simple isn't it? 

My favorite site for getting brandable content, that you
get paid for sharing, is at:


Check it out. 

Membership is free, but there are upgrades available
too, and if you are a prolific content creator, or run
your own affiliate program, you can even upload YOUR 
content, and allow site members to join YOUR affiliate 

The way you earn by sharing something as simple as say...
an inspiring/moving image though, is that when someone
visits the main site and joins... you get paid.

So you see, you can literally have no website, no
autoresponder... and even no cash, and start your 
own online business.

Go ahead and check it out now. I'm a member... here's

my link: http://www.smartrebrander.com/getnmotion4god/


pretty informational, huh? Any questions please feel free to

Inbox me at http://facebook.com/Unfoldingb4us


The Big Cheese








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