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(sotas) New - Mail to 3,000 Every 5 Days at SOTAM.

Hello Fellow Marketer,

As many know, some of the new mailers on the market allow their
fr ee members to mail to 1,000 every 3 days.

While that is a generous offer, it has a limited reach because of the
size of these new mailers. The majority are rather small compared
to SOTAM and you are most likely sending to the same 1,000
members over and over.

State-Of-The-Art-Mailer allows fr ee member to mail to 3,000
members and because of their size, you could be hitting a fresh list
with each and every mail sent!

We just made it better....
Instead of the standard 7 day mailing frequency, we have now
reduced the mailing frequency to just 5 DAYS!

Is that better value for your time?

Let's break it down....

New Mailers - Mail 1,000 every 3 days = 10 sends a month = 10,000
emails sent.

SOTAM - Mail to 3,000 every 5 days = 6 sends a month = 18,000
emails sent.

That's almost TWICE THE VALUE for those without a budget for

On top of that, because SOTAM has over 27,000 members, you have
a better chance of reaching a new fresh list with each mailing.

Come discover this top ranked mailer for over 3 years now. You
won't find better value in the marketplace regardless of your budget.



Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan

P.S. Be careful when joining these new sites that give away an
abundance of credits and have ridiculously low email frequencies
that allow multiple mailings in under a day.

These sites work very much like an economy works and growth,
sustainability, and members receiving a reasonable amount of
emails can suffer as a result of such offers.


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