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My Journey-Internet Marketing

I started my journey two years ago in Internet Marketing.  Among other college degrees, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Systems.  I also have a very impressive resume in Sales.  When I started this wonderful adventure, I was confident that I would succeed.  I am going to make a long story short, and resist listing names of Internet Business Offers that more or less took me to the cleaners.  I was about to give up after charging over $12,000 on my credit cards for programs from gifting, to matrix's, to Luxury Travel, to pre-launches, to funnel systems, to pyramids, to an Internet College that would take me by the hand and have me making money within two weeks ($4600 for that one). 

I think it was about one minute before I was going to take my computer and throw it through the window, when I came across Worldprofit, and a live person called my name out.  I almost fell out of my seat!  They had to call my name again.  I realized it was a real person talking to me from my computer.  I called my son Robert and showed him. They greeted me and told me where to type my response.  We were fascinated.  The live people are trained experts manning the site.  I was instructed to click on the “watch video” button.  I asked if they were live all the time, or I just lucked out at the moment.  The gentleman said they were live all the time. 

My son and I have been proud dealers with Worldprofit for 2 years now.  We have received FAR more than ever promised there.  The training is focused and easy to understand, yet not boring.  It is customized and delivered live or by video, whichever fits your schedule.  It can start at go for the internet challenged or fast paced for the guru.  I honestly feel that we have our fingers on the pulse of the internet. 

Included in our silver package is our domain, hosting, and we were able to select from over 60 gorgeous designs for our site.  Sandi Hunter is one of the top design experts in the world. She is also one of the cofounders of Worldprofit. She does the designs for us and runs the inner workings in the back office. We have content management capabilities if we want to change anything with just a couple clicks.  We have our own banner exchange and read for cash system that are just a couple streams of income from our package.  The only way to make real money online is to have multiple streams of income.  We have over 10,000 products on our site for that.  Robert and I use our site and dealer area as a hub for all our internet endeavors and have the advantage of 75 live experts closing our sales, and taking care of our customers 24/7 at no charge. There is nothing like having live experts calling out your customer’s name and personally helping them.  http://www.cyberwealthzone.com

Everything is automated for us in our dealer area. George Kosch, who is an internet genius loves creating gizmos for us. Wake up in the morning…go to my dealer area and a new gizmo is waiting for us with a short video how to use it. Our clickbank promo kit is quite the money maker and yet another stream of income for us.  All we had to do was insert our clickbank id and pick a product with a click, and send the pre-written promo with a click. That easy.  When we got our Magic List Builder we were like kids in a candy store. With just a couple clicks we can piggyback our site on any site on the internet and enjoy their traffic.  I picked Oprah first and was blown away at 400 hits in one hour.  You can pick a hot topic and piggyback it and go into the social networks and really have a ride of viral traffic.  Our SEO promo tool has pushed our site close to the front of 225 search engines and posts our ads on the top safelists with just a couple clicks.  Worldprofit doesn’t charge for all these great gizmos. The tiny price for the silver package is all you pay. They haven’t raised the price in almost 16 years.  They just keep adding to the value.

Dr Lant is the CEO of the company and works side by side with us.  He is live in our business center 12-14 hours a day.  He is a best selling author, international marketer, co-founder of Worldprofit, and a self made multi-millionaire.  We have his cell phone number.  He makes sure we succeed and makes sales for us.  He hosts the live webcast everyday at 12pm pacific time.  He always unveils information never heard before in his live webcasts.  Worldprofit provides all the premiums for our guests to attend.  I have never seen any other company give so much for our customers.


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f you are looking for a home business that has everything you need to succeed, Worldprofit is where you should be.  Be a happy successful internet marketer.  Quit struggling online.  Quit working alone online..it’s a jungle out there.  It doesn’t matter what products you are selling.  Or what niche you are in.  You need a central location, essential tools, ongoing training, cool gizmos and a network of 75 experts closing your sales around the clock.  Put everything under one umbrella.  Focus on one location with lots of streams of income.  Now you are a successful marketer.

Worldprofit offers you e-business tools including hosting, interactive site design, webcast video conferencing, listservers, mailing list options, video recording, advertising, site traffic, and database development. Take advantage of our reseller program! Refer businesses to us and earn a commission. Complete training and support offered for this home business opportunity. Work directly with Dr. Jeffrey Lant, self-made Internet success, 18-time author, home business consultant and Worldprofit CEO. Join us for our next LIVE webcast free - accessible from the comfort of your computer. Or request a free consultation!

Linda Elze



Master Certified E-Business Consultant





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