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Understanding how JOIN4ADOLLAR Works!!

You simply complete a little 3 x 2 matrix (twice) before moving over to the next program. 

You join for $1 and introduce 3 others who do the same.
 Work with those members to help them find their 3...
then you've completed your little matrix and you'll move over to Phase 2.

When you have helped all the members in your Phase 1to complete their little matrices, you'll receive a free membership into UNOStart at a value of $15, and at the same time move on over into Phase 3.

You can help by either continuing to sponsor more members who will fall under your first 3, or by helping them to find their 3.




A member earns $114 from completing all 3 phases,

$18 for every member they sponsor as they go through the phases.

Remember, it cost you just $1 to start. 

You receive your money back at the end of Phase 1, the rest is yours for free! 

All that is required is a little effort.  There's nothing for nothing. 

You find 3 and help them do the same.

This program built to over 13,000 in it's first 6 weeks.  It gives you a little idea of the popularity of our program that costs just $1 to join,

all the way through the entire Cascading Wealth Creation Portfolio! 


Thank You

Nina Spelman 



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