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SLAP... SLAP... SLAP.... that GURU... I am Having So Much Fun!!

I have always wanted to SLAP A GURU!!

and  I get to do it everyday  :) 

 YOU can to!!


This is the "WHO KNEW" program for 2010! 

For just 7.00 bucks,

your Slap-the-Guru URL is put in a rotator that advertises for you.

You can get  more advertising if you pay a bit higher,

25, 50 or 100 bucks a month .

And  you get to keep all the sales!

Advertising just for you.
And the payments pop right into your own Alertpay account!

That is a lot of advertising being done for you! 
The higher you go, the more advertising you get! 


So go Ahead!

It will make you SLAP HAPPY!!

Nina Spelman

Join me at SOKULE:  http://sokule.com/jkspel

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