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Yoli Announces Official Launch Date!


October 28th, 2009 :: Yoli Announces Launch Date!



Yoli Prelaunch Date



After a year in the making, Yoli is finally about to pull the trigger! 


As callers dialed into last night's webinar and heard from ALL 6 of Yoli's fine founders, the announcement was finally declared.....  November 6th!!


So what happens on November 6th?

This marks the date where credit cards will be charged and the Yoli product will finally ship.

With over a million dollars in pre-launch orders and counting, corporate is now prepared to flip the switch!



In a minute, register at http://www.SpillingTheTruth.com and watch our "Wow" Webinar!




But first!


Mark your calander for another historic power-packed webinar....



Prelaunch Celebration Webinar






(The dial-in information and web-link will be broadcasted out to everyone on our list.)



















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