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It is alway's a pleasure welcoming new people to the team. Especially, when it is a team that predominately is involved in a virtual enterprise. Lots of times people will make a purchase, join a program and then go into the witness protection program. This not only hurts them, but it also deprives the team they may joined of there talents.

New people a certain energy that is needed in ventures to keep them fresh and from becoming as mundane as a job. Now this doesn't apply those those who have experienced supersized success. I'm address this more to the veteran part timer.

When new people join my team, I do my best to reach out to them to get them on a path of earning profit right away. Afterall one of the reason they joined the business was to make some bill disappear. After welcoming them I like to direct them to the training. Training is the most important thing a new person can begin.

Now I'm not talking about class room training. I'm talking about field training. The only type of training one gets when they are seeking people to present to. The training on how to effective convert a warm market list into partners and raving fans of the products.

The next most important thing is personal development. Personal develop is critical, because if we don't become what we are trying to have, what we are trying to have may wind up having us. I really like youtube. They have a growing selection of free audio books, events, speeches and training.

Let me know what your experience has been.


Clarence Coggins is a Radio Personality and Internet Marketer. He currently works

as a free-lance technician full time and Network and Internet Marketer Part-time.



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