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How to avoid the Follow Up Failure Syndrome


Successful marketing requires interaction with your customers. You want to make sure that you are working with the people who respond to your auto-responder. Professional means doing things you are uncomfortable with.


Many people are uncomfortable speaking people they don't know. That is because we have been programmed "Not To Talk To Strangers". So when we are faced with talking to people who we meet online through prospecting, we are automatically at odds with your programming. This is really important because we have to counter act this programming at all course.


Some of it requires that we change the meanings we apply to what is happening. A lot of time we put the meaning that we have failed when people don't buy our product or service right away. It may be more helpful to think of it as that person failed to see his interest could be served through giving a yes.


One person put it like this "Make your prospect audition for you and not the other way around." Have you ever felt bad when a sale didn't go your way? Well this tidbit may help. When the prospect is doing the audition you are looking to disqualify them as quickly as possible.


Do they have  a need for the service? Do they have money to pay for the service? Are they the person who makes the decision about what is bought and sold? Each one these question will help you get to a No quicker.


Let me know what your thoughts are.


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