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Your Right to Be Rich - Napoleon Hill Elaboration on Think and Grow Rich


Many people talk about the book, Think and Grow Rich. I read it, but I didn't get as much out of it as quickly as I did from this video. I also enjoyed the The Law of Success serious. I even bought that on Amazon.


Definite Chief Purpose is something that is really important. We here a lot of talk about diversity. But one of things what we need to realize is that mastery takes focus.


In sports we start by learning a few techniques. They are called the basics. Upon the basics we then build up sets of combinations. From the different sets of combinations a whole arsenal of plays become available.


This is the same in building a business. We must take time to learn the basics. Finding leads. Qualifying leads. Converting leads. Those are the basics building blocks of building a successful online business.


This is where we begin to see the difference between success a failure. I would like to get your feedback on the matter.






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