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The Best Deal We Have Offered in 14 years Online-4 Days left
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The Best Deal We Have Offered in 14 years Online-4 Days left


If you are looking for real value for the
hard earned dollars you spend online

I can tell you without hesitation that...

This is the best deal we have ever offered
online in our 14 years of creating advertising
sites for businesses online.

It is the founder deal at our new site
KuleTags and this is the discount link
for it.


Here is what you get in a nutshell

1) The Biggest Tag word on the KuleTag
Cloud. To give you an idea of how much
traffic you can get to your kuletag word

Here are some stats

word myfunlife 14 hits in 3 seconds added today

word ktfounder 275932 hits in 6 days
word leadsgalore 260228 hits in 7 days
word buildalist 130072 in 5 days
word automated 101220 in 4 days
word coolapps 275513 in 8 days
word bettergolf 184255 in 5 days
word resources 270829 in 7 days

And on and on. The site is a traffic magnet
and we send the traffic to it. You do not
do a thing.

The traffic to this site is simply
amazing and as a founder you get the
lion's share of it with a 100 to 1
rotation on the kuletag cloud.

You attach a word that you pick to
the url of choice and away you go
Watch the hits come in.

2) You get access to a 575,000 member
mailer and you can mail daily to 9500
members and reach a new audience daily
There is nothing like this on the net

Let me say that again
575,000 members
You mail daily
Reach 9500 random members daily

This mailer comes with your founder membership

3) Fr-ee Upgrade in a second mailer
our large 77,000 members list at
Free Ad Depot is yours when you become
a founder at KuleTags.

You can mail every 3 days to 77,000
people and you get 500,000 mailing
credits per month

This comes with your founder membership
at KuleTags

4) You get a free Lightbox ad which is
a stunning graphic that gets huge exposure

5) You also get 2 million ad buy credits
to purchase ads in the members area

6) You get 5 million sokens at Sokule
which auto builds a list for you.

You pay once and that's it

You enter your info for the KuleTag
cloud and we drive the traffic to it
You do nothing at all.

We drive the hits to the KT cloud.

You ea-rn 50% comm-ision on every sale you
make at KuleTags and you can make 4 or
5 sales from each paying member you bring
into the site.

That's a really nice opportunity to take
in some hefty dough at the site.

The value in this founder membership is superb.
Make sure you grab it today


In just 4 days, we are going to
increase the price on this membership

Put this trunk load of advertising in
your pocket today and for life.

When I say this is the best deal we have
ever offered online, I ain't just whistling Dixie.


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you are not yet a member of KuleTags,
sign up here fr-ee


And then use the discount founder link to upgrade
your account to founder.




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